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If you want to develop a world-class facility or just want to be the envy of the neighborhood, Action Sports offers fast and efficient construction for cyclists needs.

Action Sports Construction is one of the industry’s leading professionals in developing Pump Tracks, Bicycle Parks & BMX/MTB Race Courses. We will work with you or your organization every step of the way, providing on-site consultation, conceptual planning, environmentally sensitive design and sustainable construction for any cycling facility.

Bike Parks & Pump Tracks are the cutting edge and the fastest-growing attractions in cycling today. The ways in which we entertain ourselves has evolved: every city now has kids and teens building illegal trails and jumps out of the public eye. These illegal and dangerous trails are inaccessible to emergency response vehicles and are turning a healthy recreation into menace. Well-constructed, easily accessible public bicycle parks are an asset to any community.

Our Services

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations and want to ensure that our projects meet their full potential. By working with our clients to clearly identify the projects goals, complexities and limitations we are able to establish a clear scope of work, this process assists in the design phase and helps streamline the construction phase. We are experts in planning the optimization of space to maximize usage, incorporate proper drainage that will increase the longevity and minimize the maintenance of the project.
A crucial element in developing any action sport facility is a thoughtful design to direct the building process and produce quality projects. Design services include creating a conceptual design and evolving it into working documents. The level of detail and representation can be adjusted to project needs and can be as simple as a scaled digital linework plan to an entirely rendered plan. The design process is a key investment in carrying a project through completion.
Our projects are built safely, sustainably and are aesthetically pleasing. Through years of practice and constant refining of our skill set we have mastered the art of shaping dirt. Our specialized building techniques allow us to be one of the fastest and most efficient build teams in the industry. Action Sports Construction is more than a construction company; we are artists who bring an unmatched level of passion to each project we are engage in.
Dirt is a live material that requires routine maintenance to ensure user safety, which then lowers the liability associated with the track/course/park. Depending on the geographic location and intended usage, we will suggest the ideal materials and stabilization methods to provide a safe and manageable amenity.

Past Projects

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